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Event Testimonial

Event Testimonial


  1. Really impressed with the campus, facilities, work and excited for the potential of this AIC with your team and the mission of RMP.
    - Ananth Krishna

  2. The beginning of AIC- RMP journey was excellent and I am pretty sure that AIC-RMP will set another record to become one of the most successful startup ecosystem for sure.
    - Balaram Bhardwaj

  3. Congrats on the success of today's Startup Conclave! I have never attended an even so excellently managed in terms of hospitality and schedule. I was amazed by how each and every part of the schedule was precisely on time.
    - Kshitij Thakur

  4. fantastic experience!!! you've now set a benchmark of what and how a startup conclave should be.
    - Rajib Chowdhury

  5. the expert session arranged for us is very must interesting and informative. It will help us to proceed in right direction in our journey.
    - RushikeshShirke

  6. We attended a very rare conclave where focus was on getting the right people engage with the correct people. I am sure that much of an effort has gone into screening, matching and going through profiles of everyone who attended.
    - AdityaTekale

  7. the conference was a very pleasant, smoothly executed, punctual event. Kudos to the planning and organising team. Congratulations!
    - Liju George

Panelists/ Experts

  1. The conclave was one of the finest and most well organised. The team work shone through all along Many good wishes to you all.
    - Renu Soman

  2. The arrangements were fantastic at the venue. Kudos to you and team for pulling off this great event with ease.
    - Sumitra Goenka


  1. Pleasure to be at @AicRmp with bright minds presenting their #startup ideas
    - Sanjay Gopinath, MathWorks

  2. Excellent event, meticulously planned and delivering great value, asking the views of audience, all truly refreshing and worthy of praise. Well done, AIC-RMP
    - Col. Venkat Raman, St Francis Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

  3. It was pleasure to be at @AicRmp with bright minds presenting their #startup ideas. Met galaxy of talented people and mentors.
    - Prof. SuhasGajre, SGGS Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nanded

  4. Atal incubation centre-RMP has created a perfect ecosystem for start-ups. The best part of this conclave is passion meets sound experience.
    - Amey, Student- SIES College of Management Studies

  5. . It was a wonderful event and we could meet and catch up with like minded individuals. It helped us network as well as increase our knowledge with respect to pitching.
    - G.Saisudershan, Founder-EcoSac